Solutions by Sport

Commercial Courts

Today’s schools, community centers, resorts and other recreational facilities face numerous challenges when it comes to specifying sports flooring and surfacing.

  • An enhanced focus on safety and comfort
  • A greater emphasis on space utilization
  • A focus on providing better value for its students, members or customers
  • Aesthetically appealing spaces that help sell the facility

Whether you are hotel operator looking for unique amenities to offer potential guests or a school trying to improve its facilities, VersaCourt will work with you to design and build a game court that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Basketball Courts

VersaCourt provides the ultimate surface for basketball courts, for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our experts will design and develop a basketball court solution that will match your aesthetic needs and athletic requirements.

  • Consistent Ball Bounce
  • Superior Grip
  • Forgiveness for Knees & Joints

Tennis Courts

VersaCourt tile is the perfect choice for low-maintenance, high-performance commercial tennis courts. VersaCourt tennis courts are beautiful, durable and classified by the International Tennis Federation as a Fast Court Pace surface. Whether you are resurfacing an existing court, or building a new one, our team will design and install the ultimate tennis court system for your facility.

  • ITF 5 - Fast Classified Court Pace
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Forgiveness for Lower Backs, Knees & Joints

Multi-Sport Game Courts

VersaCourt is the most versatile game court tile system on the market today. We offer endless customizable options for game lines, and a wide selection of court accessories so that you can design a multi-sport game court solution that meets all your athletic requirements.

  • Endless Game Line & Design Options
  • Weather & Fracture-Resistant Surface
  • Consistent Ball Bounce & Response

Shuffleboard Courts

Shuffleboard courts are one of our most popular court systems, due to their size, low-maintenance requirements, and exceptional disc glide. VersaCourt shuffleboard courts can be enjoyed at any age, which makes them the perfect guest amenity.

  • Installs in 30-45 Minutes
  • Perfect Glide Surface for Disc
  • Low-Maintenance Playing Surface

Hockey Rinks

VersaCourt designs indoor and outdoor tile specifically for inline and roller hockey applications. Our tiles fit together tightly and securely to provide a monolithic surface that allows for quick turns, fast breaks and perfect puck glide.

  • Best Wheel Grip of any Suspended Surface
  • Durability to Stand Up to Competitive Play
  • Unique Surface Texture for Natural Puck Glide

Playground Surfaces

VersaCourt tile playground surfaces make the perfect addition to any playground. Our fast-draining, open-grid surface eliminates puddles, and the suspended surface provides a safer playing surface than asphalt or concrete. With endless customizable options for game lines and a wide variety of tile colors to choose from, our expert team can design the ideal playground surface for your school or facility.

  • Safe Alternative to Concrete & Asphalt
  • Cooler Playing Surface
  • Forgiveness for Knees & Joints

Skating Rinks

VersaCourt skating rinks are engineered to provide smooth skating performance and enhanced durability for commercial applications. We offer a wide selection of customizable options to perfectly fit your existing space.

  • Suspended Surface for Impact Absorption
  • Low-Maintenance Surface
  • Exceptional Wheel Grip & Maneuverability

Roller Derby

VersaCourt tile provides the ideal surface for competitive flat track roller derby. VersaCourt roller derby tracks deliver wheel grip and unmatched maneuvering for professional roller derby players. The rigid, monolithic surfacing is easy to install and transport, making it the perfect surfacing solution for temporary or permanent derby tracks.

  • Unmatched Wheel Grip & Maneuverability
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Easy Installation & Portability

Event Courts

VersaCourt event courts can be easily transported and installed in a matter of hours. VersaCourt precision locking system ensures a rigid, uniform playing surface that stays in place, and produces consistent ball bounce and playability in all areas of the court.

  • Rigid, Uniform Surface
  • Consistent Ball Response & Playability
  • Easy-to-Install & Transport